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Sorry, new user registration is closed. We will not be accepting new users anymore.
Accounts that did not have any unlocked maps have been closed.

Thanks to those of you who have shared your early box data, the Dragons of Tarkir map is complete and ready.
Fate Reforged map is complete 4 days before release!! - Conspiracy map is also finally complete!
Remember, you will need to unlock them from within Master Edition 2.7 - The unlock is not available on the site!
In order to map Kahns of Tarkir you will need to update to v2.7 just like Journey into Nyx required v2.6.

Demonstration videos have been delisted, but they are all accessable through direct link and from within the app now.
I'd ask that members please not share the links to the videos, website or software.
This is the only way to ensure WOTC won't find out how we are mapping the sets now.