Obviously the software hasn't been updated to support some of the new features people have been requesting lately. The lead programmer is retiring to spend more time with his family. We are looking for a replacement programmer that can handle decryption routines, GUI and network communication. Our existing mappers and administrators are doing an outstanding job, but the client and server need expansion to support our newest discoveries, namely, Zendikar Expeditions. Please contact DemoniacT from the "Community" tab then click "Contact an Admin" and select DT. He will review all applicants. Please don't reach out to people that aren't already registered members, and ESPECIALLY NOT PUBLIC FORUMS. Any communication outside of the community tab will result in an account freeze. We like to keep our community unnoticed. :)

Sorry, new user registration is closed. We will not be accepting new users anymore.

Some of you may have read my post several months ago, but incase you missed it, my only involvement is in coding. I don't have much time for anything else.
If you have any questions please post them in the Help & Support category from the Community Tab.

4/14/2016: *UPDATE* *FIXED* I messed up big in Shadows over Innistrad, rares in the bottom 2 rows would get switched around randomly in some circumstances. It's not a new countermeasure from WOTC, I just messed up. It has been fixed. If you mapped a box using SOI and it gave you a false positive, it is logged and we will be giving everyone affected a refund through PayPal, no need to contact staff.

If you have account related questions, you can submit a support ticket and one of the Admins will get back to you.

Demonstration videos have been delisted, but they are all accessible through direct link and from within the app now.
I'd ask that members please not share the links to the videos, website or software.
This is the only way to ensure WOTC won't find out how we are mapping the sets now.